Digital Humanities is area of research devoted to digitized and “born digital” areas of humanities.  It is very important for our digital age due to it allowing a much larger access to material than we have ever had before.  One of the parts of Digital Humanities is blogging.  Now, being on this site and reading this article, you already know somewhat what a blog is and therefore one part of Digital Humanities. In her blog, Lisa Spiro gives a very nice list on how to get started in the Digital Humanities https://digitalscholarship.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/getting-started-in-the-digital-humanities/.

The first thing Spiro recommends you do is to “Determine what goals or questions motivate you”.  This will show you the direction you want to work in and give you a better idea on what you need to answer or complete your goals.  Another idea she lists is “Participate in the Digital Humanities (DH) community”.  The DH community is a great place to find help and learn more about the subject.  They have plenty to offer you and vice versa.  In my opinion, the most important idea she listed is “Where possible, adopt/adapt existing tools”.  Why create a new tool when someone has already created one before you.  As Lisa Spiro says so perfectly “too often projects re-invent the wheel rather than adopting or adapting existing tools”.

Personally, I would start at a digital archive.  This is where you get the best view of what Digital Humanities has contributed to society.  Here you will see articles/journals/pictures etc. that you could never have accessed before.  Not only do I enjoy looking around in these archives just for fun, it has also proven useful many times for research papers and just general knowledge questions.  I urge anybody and everybody to learn about Digital Humanities, not just for fun but because this is where we are heading and only Dummies stay behind the curve rather than ahead of it.