Blogging is a new experience for me even though it has been around for some time.  Whereas in the beginning blogging was for the tech junkie many sites such as WordPress have made it easy enough for anyone to blog.  WordPress is a great blogging site.  It is one of the most popular online publishing platforms and has over 41.7 million posts a month.

When you start off creating a WordPress account, the first step to creating a WordPress account is choosing your blog’s name.  This will become your WordPress “website”; an example of this would be wordblog.wordpress.com. Once you choose one that is not already in their database, you are then asked for an email address and password.  That’s it! No hidden fees or charges; the only thing that could cost you is if you want to sign up for Premium or Business which gives you more storage, ad-free blogging and more themes.  If you are just starting out, the free version will do just fine.  When you finally sign in, you will be asked if you would like to post your first blog entry; go ahead and do it, you’ll enjoy it.

Creating a post is very simple in WordPress.  In the top right corner there will either be a “pencil with a plus sign”or a “new post” tabComputer screenshot 2Capture.  Select this option and you will be sent to a page where you can create your post.  Here, there will be separate boxes to create the title and your body.  WordPress has all the necessary tools to create a great post such as number lists, hyperlinking, and the option of adding mediaComputer screenshots.  The great thing about WordPress is its usability factor.  WordPress makes sure that the original settings are perfect if you do not feel like tinkering around.  If you do though, there is plenty to play around with such as font, color, and layout.  Blogging is a fun way to express yourself to the world, I started it for a class but I definitely can see myself continuing after the semester is over.

There are a few cautions to be aware of with WordPress.  One of them is the “home” button on your personal blog’s website {Insert Screenshot here?}.  It is a small, stylized W in a circle.  This is the tab that allows you to post, check settings and a few selections that are not so simple to understand such as “freshly pressed”, “reader” and “stats” (WordPress).  There is already a tab for “new post”, so it is a bit odd that WordPress has an additional optionComputer screenshot 2.  Another problem is customizing your WordPress account.  If you want to change themes from the default, one would think to look in the “settings” tab; it is not there.  If you want to customize your account, do not look under the “customize tab either.  “Dashboard” is where all the customization is at.  Here you will find all the options you want to change the appearance of your blogwordpress dashboard.

All in all, WordPress is a great blogging site.  It has all the ease needed for an amateur yet also has the customizability for the professional blogger as well.  It is open-source and therefore always being updated.  This means it is always getting easier and more fun to use.  Coming from someone who never blogged before, WordPress is very easy to grasp and is quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it.  It is simple to create a blog site and create posts here. Blogging is a fun way to express yourself to the world; I may have only started it due to a class but I definitely can see myself continuing after the semester is over.