It is always about the consumer.  From the largest stores to the simple blog page, it is always about the end user.  In order for people to enjoy using your site and wanting to come back again, the website/blog has to be easy to use and enjoyable.  In Jeremy Boggs’ blog titled: Part Three: Design Process, he details the necessary enhancements to please the end user

The cardinal sin when creating a website or in my case, blog, is designing the blog how I want it to look.  The first question Boggs asks is “what kind of mood or atmosphere” should the site be.  This is most important because the theme needs to match the information contained in it.  Brian Miller believes that the intricate details of web design such as “space usage, typography…” are also integral to grabbing the audience captive and not letting go

Humans are selfish.  We want everything to look how we want it.  This is a problem because it usually isolates the end user/desired audience.  Using Boggs’ and Miller’s advice, I can better customize my blog thereby possibly increasing visits.  The first thing I would do is follow Boggs’ advice and get a group of people together.  This group would be my “design team”.  I would relay over what my blog is supposed to do and ask them what kind of mood or atmosphere the blog would contain.  After I have this idea down, I will utilize Miller’s advice and focus on the layout of the monitor screen.  Two examples given by Miller are space usage and typography.  Both of these are important because they are the first two things someone sees on a website or blog.  Using this information, I would make sure I have the correct font for blogging (yes, these types of fonts really exist).

To sum it all up, since my blog is about digital history i would theme it that way.  As such, my blog would maybe have the yellowed color of old paper i.e. history but also have gears and different computers a la the digital era.  I would also follow Miller and make sure I have my most important information above the fold and make sure I have the right font.